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The aim of the project is to preserve the historical/traditional cultivars of orchard and garden plants, to promote their spread and to foster horticultural traditions. Horticultural experts from Latvia and Lithuania have helped to identify the plants of the old cultivars that have survived in the old gardens, and tourism specialists have offered a new product – Heritage Gardens – to the tourism market. Thanks to the cross-border project, experts from both fields have exchanged the good experience and knowledge as well as specimens of plants of the old cultivars, provided advice on management of old orchards; educational information about the old traditional cultivars and the necessity to preserve them for future generations has appeared on the media. The project involves not only promotion of the old cultivars, but also processing of the cultivated produce and development of new flavours.

Latvian and Lithuanian rural tourism associations are responsible for the marketing and presentation of the new tourism product to the market. The developed routes, intended for horticultural lovers, introduce the valuable objects selected during the course of the project, and the developed methodological and informative material enlightens the owners of heritage gardens and horticultural enthusiasts about the theoretical and practical possibilities of product development. During the implementation of the project activities, the infrastructure of prof. T. Ivanauskas’ “Obelynė” homestead and Rundale palace has been improved, a historical garden has been created. Having gained the new experience and knowledge, the project partners will foster the tourism products of Heritage Gardens, promote the growth of active tourist flow from the neighbouring countries and ensure implementation and continuity of the project goals.

The project budget totals 830,733 EUR. Of these, co-funding from the European Regional Development Fund accounts for 706,123 EUR.

The Project partners:

Institute of Horticulture LAMMC: www.lammc.lt

Institute of Horticulture: www.darzkopibasinstituts.lv/

The Latvian country tourism association Lauku celotajs”: www.celotajs.lv

The Lithuanian Countryside Tourism Association: www.atostogoskaime.lt 

The Rundāle Palace Museum: http://rundale.net

The Kaunas Region Museum: www.krmuziejus.lt


Project webpage: http://latlit.eu/lli-181-revival-of-old-traditional-fruit-vegetable-and-ornamental-plants-and-their-products-heritage-gardens-tour-heritage-gardens/

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