Garsios Tylos Sodyba

Heritage Gardens:

At the Garsi tyla (Loud silence) homestead, which is perched on the slope of the old Nevėžis riverbed, ‘happy food’ is produced from everything that is grown on the farm. The gourmet dishes are prepared using seasonal products and can be ordered on the homestead’s website. The homestead has a 2.3-hectare, 100-year-old orchard with about 113 apple trees, 18 pear trees and 8 sweet cherry trees. The owner of the homestead also grows culinary herbs such as tarragon, lovage, peppermint and sage, as well as ornamental plants such as hollyhocks, peonies, dahlias and daylilies. Various educational activities are organised as needed.

The price of the services is negotiable. Before the visit please make a call in advance.