Let's travel in Lithuania! Taste and enjoy!

Fragrant freshly baked rye bread covered with a spoon of natural honey, served with freshly squeezed cheese... Smoky-smelling stuffed sausage skilandis, Simogitian sour cream butter kastinys, cold home-made kvass or a unique flavour dessert – hundred leaves’ cake simtalapis... Even the pickiest gourmets of the world do not refuse to taste such traditional Lithuanian dishes.

Lithuania offers you infinite culinary treasures and delivers natural products hand-made locally by Lithuanian people. Lithuanians can boast technologies and recipes that last hundreds of years and preserve the traditions of cooking. Here the food is made with love...

On www.localtaste.lt website you will find 65 traditional Lithuanian dishes marked as National Heritage Product. Subtleties of the preparation of Lithuanian traditional dishes and references to places where you can taste these delicacies are presented in Lithuanian and five foreign languages (English, German, Russian, Latvian and Polish).

The website also presents the features of the culinary heritage of all ethnographic regions of Lithuania - Samogitia, Aukstaitija, Dzukija, Suvalkija and Minor Lithuania, as well as the main sources of raw materials for Lithuanian dishes.

So let’s travel in Lithuania! Taste and enjoy!

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