A stork for homesteads

A symbol of stork means, that a homestead is a member of Countryside Tourism Association of Lithuania. The number of storks indicates the level of homestead‘s outfit and provided recreation service.

Distances from homesteads to waters and forest

Ežeras Lake Upė River Miškas Forest Jūra Sea Tvenkinys Pond
These symbols next to homestead are shown if only an object is no further than 1 km. Exception: „Sea“– 50 km.

Homestead's categories

Every single homestead has a particular number of storks or is not rated yet. That number of storks is given by Countryside Tourism Association of Lithuania, dividing homesteads by categories. A homestead may have from 1 to 5 storks.

A night stay on hay in a barn or in a modest farmstead. Guests live independently, only a few services are provided.
Guests live in a farmstead, in a summer cottage. Common sanitary facilities, shower for all guests. Guest rooms are cleaned. Catering upon the agreement.
Guests live in a farmstead separately from the hosts. Double or three-place rooms. Sanitary facilities, showers not in every room. A kitchen, dishes and sauna for guests.
Cosy and neat environment in the farmstead. Single and double rooms with all conveniences, services, supply of various attractions, traditions of culinary heritage, organization of festivities, seminars and conferences.
Comfortable countryside farmstead. Well - managed facilities. Excellent service. Nutrition provided. A lot of entertainment.

Types of homesteads:

  1. Homestead in a village/hamlet
  2. Homestead in a grange

Price limits

In a main page of homestead‘s website you will see listed minimum and maximum prices. Provided price limits: particular place‘s price limits, unit‘s price limits, cottage and homestead‘s price limits.In a section „Price list” you will find detailed prices.


In a homestead‘s website there is a list of provided services. All services are summarized with little icons; putting a mouse cursor on it will give you an explanation.

Catering Fireplace
WC Shower
Forbidden to bring animals Bringing pets is allowed
Forbidden to smoke inside Internet Accses
Music equipment Video equipment
Conditions for organizing events Excellent conditions for conferences and seminars
Children welcome Other
Pritaikyta neįgaliesiems


In a homestead‘s website there is a listed entertainments. All entertainments are summarized with little icons; putting a mouse cursor on it will give you an explanation.

Bathhouse Winter activities
Sports and active recreation Extreme activities
Water activities Indoor activities