Sodyba „Senosios Gegužinės ūkis“

Beržės g.4, Gegužinės k., Palomenės sen., Kaišiadorių r.

Mob. +370 698 80517

Number of beds: 25

Vacancies for celebrations: 60

Number vacancies without overnight: 60

Numbers of units: 8

Houses: 1

Place: 10-15

Homestead: 500-600

20 km

0,5 km

35 km

8 km

20 km

0 km

1 km
Cultural recreation
Family Celebrations
Business events
Homestead description

Services provided by homestead

  • Forbidden to smoke inside
  • Shower
  • Internet Accses
  • Other
  • Bringing pets is allowed
  • Music equipment
  • Equipment adjusted for disabled people
  • Children welcome
  • Excellent conditions for conferences and seminars
  • Conditions for organizing events
  • WC
  • Video equipment
  • Fireplace

Old Geguzine farm is one of the homestead of a long and beautiful story having Gegužine village, which was mentioned in written sources from 15th century. The homestead is located in the old part of Gegužine village, until now known as the Old Geguzine. The buildings were built in a manor place. Currently, families of two brothers, Benjaminas and Rolandas Bortkunai live in the homestead. Homestead includes the great house constructed in 2011, reconstructing the water pumping station abandoned in Soviet times, the barn was built, and two old layings, one of which was renovated and adapted to the stable, bathhouse. Rolandas Bortkunas and his wife, Neringa are the architects who for the last decade are interest in the old Lithuanian rural architecture, write articles, books on the topic and promote the construction of our traditional construction type in seminars and meetings. It is therefore not surprising that the old homestead was built using archival material, preserving the old and typical forms and details of West Aukstaitija homesteads, but at the same time providing all buildings with all modern materials and engineering systems. The homestead organize various events intended to foster and promote national identity reflecting areas and disseminate the professional art.You can stay in a small family hotel, access to farm life and its inhabitants, to see the landscape by sailing on the River Neris or cycling. You can organize family or company events, camps. If you are not indifferent to our national cultural heritage and its fostering, if you love and respect our nature, if you enjoy the world of contemporary art, we invite you to visit us and be our guests. Bortkunai family


Living in the same farmstead
Hosts speaks English, Polish, Russian.


Opened in: 2012 m.
LKTA member from: 2013 m.
Area for recreation: 1,5 ha

Visitors are welcome

All year round

How to find us?

How to get there directions

Homestead Coordinates: 55.015381° 24.472318°
143th road Jonava-Elektrėnai 32km - going from motorway Vilnius-Kaunas 14km - going from Jonava There is a possibility to come by bus from Vilnius or Kaunas: bus stop "Senoji Geguzine".
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